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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    Yeah, I won't deny it, Hoenn's Victory Road is pretty damn abysmal. However, you can get by without Flash if you have a map or walkthrough.

    Honestly, the reason that Gen. III is more popular is because it is generally accepted that the Hoenn Pokemon are fantastic and the region is a really interesting, tropical region with locations never seen in a prior Pokemon game (rainforest, volcano, undersea, etc.). Whereas Sinnoh was cold, kind of boring, and filled with mostly-non-noteworthy Pokemon, Hoenn was vibrant and colorful.

    Plus, as I said before, many of the Hoenn Pokemon designs are amazing (Flygon, Metagross, Sableye, Dusclops, Zangoose, all 3 fully-evolved starters, etc.).
    Hoenn is the hardest region to build a team for me, because many of the Hoenn Pokémon are quite awkward and don't learn good moves until high levels or evolve by stones but you only get the stones near the end of the game (I'm looking at you, Seedot and Lotad).

    I liked a select few Pokémon from Hoenn, mostly the ones that didn't deviate too much from the early gen art.

    In trying to be oh so different, Hoenn is the region that feels the least like a Pokémon game. It's just a bunch of everything crammed into a space that wasn't very big to begin with, and half the map is water and pointless underwater dungeons that just scream laziness on the devs' part. It's interesting how Sinnoh felt much more like a Pokémon game, maybe it's the fact it isn't a tropical area. The coldness of Sinnoh appealed to me a lot, all the evolutions aside from maybe Dusknoir were very much needed, and the few Sinnoh Pokémon are very cool IMO.

    Sinnoh is definitely underrated, and it was when the game started to shine in terms of variety and viability of many Pokémon.

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