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    Hanso SharpEye

    Hanso was silent as he listened to Penance and Daniel. Okay, pry into the Sentinel's mind and get rid of any corruption we find. Teleport away if it tries to take me over...will that happen, though? For that matter, Hanso wondered if someone, or something, was trying to corrupt him during his conversation with Genevieve a few days before. Assuming that it was detectable, the Gallade began to think that being corrupted would only happen if the Silver Crystal's influence took an active role. Then again, I never actually went into her head. Wait, wouldn't it help if we brought Brynn with?

    "You guys ready? Good, port."

    Then again, probably not. I don't it happening to her.


    Within moments of the teleport, Hanso noted the forested area they were in. "Now... we wait. Get ready all!" The psychics got ready as Penance looked at Hanso, "You ready?" He asked just as the Kadabra and Deluge appeared in the area. "Now!" He shouted.

    No time to meditate and muster his energy. There wasn't a whole lot of technique in the way Hanso threw his psychic energy into attacking and trying to break into the Castform's mind. This better work.