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The word "scientist" here should be in air quotes. Rather large ones, at that. Perhaps in neon, and blinking.

1. Vaccines are almost certainly safe and save the lives of those who take them and perhaps many millions more by preventing the spread of disease. Opposing vaccination isn't just stupid and paranoid, it's downright immoral based on what we know of how diseases spread.

2. I'd sure like to know on what he bases his conclusion, seeing as how there is absolutely no sound evidence that supports that conclusion, and even if there was, it would prove nothing. No scientist worth his salt would say something like that with such certainty even if the evidence was in his favor. Were he a legitimate scientist, he would acknowledge that even the most strongly supported conclusions are not certainties, and this is pretty far from "strongly supported."

3. He's probably just mouthing off for attention. The fact that anyone's giving it to him is pathetic. This is a non-story and should never have been in the news.
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