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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Wasn't it mostly because of early humans, who arrived to the Americas from the land bridge, hunted them down to extinction, according to my anthropology class? Due to this, wouldn't reviving the mammoth from extinction technically count as being on the same ranks as the Dodo and the Tasmanian Tiger?
Yeah, I would also like to mention, that with the advent of human-smarticles, even though the more "liberal" ones among us would like to remind us that humans are just another species and not much different, that human intelligence has altered pretty much everything that it has come in contact with and can't be counted under "natural processes". Not to say there wasn't a brilliant species of dragonfly or whatever in the distant past or that we're special by any definition of the word, but we aren't "natural" because we affected so much more than any other recent species.
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