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Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Ponder deeply on the poster of questionable nature
The posters depict a shapely woman, likely in her twenties, dressed as a Gardevior in a swim suit. You hope this is the janitor's because if Skipper's into that stuff...
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Go North and Search the awfully messy desk
Snipper follows you, investigating whatever can fit into his claws. On the top of the desk lays an empty bottle, some change, a few crumpled up notes, a framed photo, a broken camera, and some kind of small notebook.
The desk has three drawers; two on the sides, one under the main desk. You ponder if there is a word for that kind of drawer.
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Search the Janitors Locker
Opening the locker, the stench grows stronger. Thankfully, it's being emitted by the open bottles of chemicals, and not something disgusting and/or terrifying. A lone jumpsuit hangs there and the pockets bulge with something. Derrick makes a disgusted sound as he covers his nose.
"Ergh, I'd hate to work here..."
"Yeah, I don't see any source of fresh air. I bet whoever worked here is growing tumors as we speak..."
"Remind me to call up OSHA."
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