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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
If they receive public funding wouldn't they have to follow the same curriculum as the public schools? I think that'd be an argument for diverting funding to them. Otherwise, no deal for me.

The benefit of private schools isn't selective facts, but that some are specialized. Beyond just religious schools, there are art schools for instance. At least where I live the government is expanded into art-centric schools and other kinds of tailored schools (we're looking at "afro-centric" ones, for example). If you don't live in area where a public art school is provided, why shouldn't you be able to go to a private school?
To an extent, private schools do adhere to some state-mandated stuff, I believe. However, it's not to the same degree as public schools. They're also allowed to teach whatever else they want, regardless of whether it has any basis in scientific fact (teaching about religion is fine; indoctrination doesn't belong in schools, though). My biggest complaint is still that the states are spending money on letting rich kids get a better education rather than improving the quality of education among inner-city communities.

I don't see why you can't have at least some specialization among public schools. Our public school prided itself on its music program, among other things. That said, too much specialization is bad; a bit of variety's important.
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