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    I'm not taking these COMMENTS serious or the criticism (I believe I already said this), but what people always fail to see is that they jump to conclusions and think the creator of their ROM have ultimately forgotten about it. Where that is not always the case, I am very well aware of the errors and bugs and I AM working on them when I am not working on DR2.

    Go and say all the critique's you want, but if you have no hacks or didn't even FINISH one, or feel like you can “critique” me because of some errors like I'm not aware and then you say I have an attitude? lol. I'm not wasting my time anymore, the fun is over. I'm not trying to sound like I have an attitude or I'm grouchy, I am only saying.

    I'm done posting. I love Pokemon as much as the next person and I love ROM hacking. I want people to play what they love to watch, but last I checked...this getting a little too serious don't ya'll think? Yes, everyone can learn how to script/map/ insert and etc but we are not the ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL creators who make Pokemon (Who get paid by the way. I mean you're lucky anyone posts at all and makes ROM people are willing to play).

    I don't feel offended at all thanks very much. I'm just watching everyone else post.

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