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Let's talk about votes. I think the Pokecommunity staff needs to clean house in how it handles these hack competitions. If you take a look at the Hack of the Year 2012 nomination thread, you'll find quite a few suspect accounts voting. Members with only a few posts (in some cases only 1, the one that is voting on these hacks) can be found voting here. This seems like an issue that could be easily resolved if only there was some moderator who did an IP check on accounts like these. Also, you have people who worked on a hack voting for that hack, which I am surprised isn't against the rules.

In essence, I think these competitions are illegitimate. I suspect many others in this community feel the same way--we should do something about it. Now, as how this relates to the matter at hand: citing these awards your hack wins in a competition of questionable legitimacy really means next to nothing.

It is not a measure of a quality hack that you can manage to get enough of your friends (or perhaps outright cheat) to help you win a vote. I think it is a testament to quite the opposite that there are this many people who have made it known they think otherwise.

Darkrisinggirl: It's cute that you keep spamming that image. It appears you are hanging your hat on this point. I won't play this nominal game of accolades with you. For what it's worth, my hack won Second Hack of the Quarter, but you don't see stating this in the face of criticism.

Saying "I won something, I have expert hackers on my side" are both incredibly weak appeals to authority. I've already addressed the "winning something" argument. The "expert hackers" you claim you consulted appear to have been unable to discern flaws in your work that others here have been incredibly kind to point out to you. I can't image how exceedingly arrogant and contemptuous you would have to be to ignore their criticism.

And as for your claim it takes a special person to understand what it takes to "complete" a game, this is just special pleading (really so is claiming you have expert hackers that know better than these other people). And while we're at it, your hack was probably one of the quickest I've ever seen to be "complete". What do you think that tells me about the quality of such a project?

Instead of arguing the merits of your work, you employ the above fallacies instead of actually defending the quality of your hack (which you seem unable to do). Instead, all you seem to be doing is stroking your ego in the face of people you view as beneath you. I really despise such bigotry and am glad others are making it clear they do too.

Just know this: You're making yourself look bad in this community when you react this way to criticism.
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