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Originally Posted by twocows View Post
Maybe because university costs in the US are in the tens of thousands of dollars and students usually have trouble even making ends meet? Most college students, if they work, will take a minimum wage job for less than 40 hours a week. This puts their income below the poverty line, and college expenses are some of the highest expenses most US citizens experience in their lives. A tax break for students is hardly unreasonable.
Eh... I didn't convey that clearly. No problem with parents claiming them as dependants or trying to give them a break.

I meant why would that be tied to voter registration? As proposed here. That's what seems weird to me. No rhyme or reason to it.

There was really no point to me saying "in the first place" XD Because voter registration at a different location was not itself tax exempt, it just rather didn't actually come into play. And it shouldn't.
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