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    Originally Posted by toasterr View Post
    It's essentially the water-bubbles from Waterfall's code, followed by an 0E pointer to the Slam animation (underlined for clarity). It mostly works; however, if a mon uses this in battle and then something levels up, the game freezes after trying to load the stats summary box. Also, certain graphics, such as the status-drop animations and the move menu (in battle) become borked until the battle ends. Is this because I have too many 00 XX 27 structures? I've been working on this for a few hours and can't seem to fix the problem.
    I think this is due to the 0E pointer to slam animation more than anything. Because 0E animations point to repeating animations, and aren't the end to the script. To be honest if I were you i'd just remove to 0E pointer and put the slam animation in there. That's what I've done for my Aqua Tail code and it doesn't have any problems like that.
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