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    3rd Update



    Level 43Level 42 Level 42Level 44Level 45Level 42

    I was so bored most of the day not being at home, so I just worked on my challenge a lot more then I expected xD thank goodness for my laptop and having an emulator on it and transferring save state

    1-Took on Burgh it took a few attempts to beat him finally after training team to 35, Zorad Evolved
    2-Went out Route 4 battled Bianca and Cheren, trained up more after seeing where my other team mates was to be found, I noticed one was at the Desert Resort
    3-Reached Desert Resort, it took a little time finally found Joltik (f) named her Valorra; man I never thought I would like that Pokemon until now and the final team member wasn't the much futher away
    4-Battled the Nurse person there, got healed up and trained up everyone; more evolutions started to take place
    5-Arken evolved to Vanillish
    6-Went onto Nimbasa City, helped the Day Care guy; omg the levels compared to my original white xD, battled N and rode the Ferris Wheel
    7- Anyway Valorra evolved into Galvantula and Rianara evovled to Ferrothorn
    8-Went out to Route 16 took out the trainers and into Lostlorn Forest and got my last team member for Deino (m) named him Roshu, took a bit of work to level him up to the others
    9-Went back to Nimbasa and started on the gym stuff
    10-Elesea wasn't pleasent took some more work on my part to level up

    I thought I had more screen shots...well I'll put em when I get chance to, anyways it's late I'm gonna rest now
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