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When I was young, I always chose easier difficulty settings due to how much I sucked at video games. Nowadays, I only use them If a game ticks me off enough to make me switch.

I disagree with many people who dislike easy difficultly levels. Just a couple years ago, Dark Souls was heavily criticise by fan because From Software dared to put a Easy Mode into the game to make it more accessible. They were 'Dumbing down for the filthy casuals', as some would put it.

This is silly. From Software aren't taking away your to ability to play the game on easier settings, as there are some people who like to get there money's worth from a game. However, because of their skill level; or lack thereof; they can't be satisfied due to the difficulty.

I will say this though: if your are going put a easy mode in, make is accessible from the very beginning. Making it a unlock able makes is completely useless, especially if the people who would need the easy mode can't access it, causing a vicious cycle.
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