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    Standing Grace
    As Klaus walked downstairs, a handful of vendors had setup shop with dozens of wares. Ultra Balls, Great Balls, a handful of Master Balls, badge components, food rations compressed and packed for trainers to haul along on their travels into the dangerous region. What really amazed Klaus was to see a blue Hitmontop, a pokemon, wearing a white scarf on its neck as it started speaking human tongue, selling off boxes of berries and roots. "STEP RIGHT UP! JANKEL PETALS! MOON ROOTS! SOL VINES! BUY A BAG AND GET A BUNCH A RANDOM ROOTS! HELPFUL ON YOUR FIRST ADVENTURE!!!" He called out over and over again.

    As Nath slept away, downstairs a battle arena was setup for several trainers to test their metal against others. Gambling for components to complete their badge and make their way towards the finals. A smug team Magma member was racking up in badge components as he called out for another trainer to take him one.

    Field of the Fallen
    The Black aura continues to Bathe the Espeon as its body still converts into velvet. The psychic thing spewed Dragon Rage, only to be countered as it howled. A meteor falls from the sky, covered in flames and velvet fumes as the Espeon hops back and uses Dragon Pulse, two attacks striking and lashing out towards Charlies as it thrashed its head about. The energy its displaying is kind of overwhelming, The aura still enveloping it strongly as the pokemon was slowly completing its ascension.

    Southeast Path
    Irek sniffed the air as they made their way towards Melody Grove. "... There are Ascension pokemon near-by..." He hops down and sniffs the air a little more. "How can you tell?" Irek holds up a paw for silence. "... You can feel their fear... As they begin to morph, they sweat a lot and give off a lot of distinct ordor's; As if the pokemon is in heat, sick and so on all at the same time. For females its easy to spot one ascending... Male's are the same way, though they're harder to track... I think we should avoid it unless someone wants a pokemon that can't evolve."

    Melody Grove
    The pokeball strikes as the flamming Gloom is stored; Only to loose her pokeball, the pokemon teleporting back to 'Bill's PC' for storage. There are burn marks all around grove caused by the blazing Gloom.

    Bulbasaur Nest
    As Xavier rested and setup, a female trainer approached him. "HEY YOU!... Your in E&S right? I challenge you to a pokemon battle, I wager 1 badge component, do you accept?"

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