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    Originally Posted by Rhetco View Post
    But, isn't Dark Rising supposed to be finished? "Finished" would imply that you are satisfied with the final product, and are no longer working on it. But if you are still fixing the game, then doesn't that mean that it isn't finished, like you insist it is?
    Firstly, as a gamer, I feel as though I have very good reasons for what I'm going to say.
    Buggy finished game? I think you should look at Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. That's one of the buggy games ever, and is finished.
    But then there are modders who fixed a lot of the bugs... Though that isn't really the point. The point of that, from a dev's point of view, bugs or not, a game can be considered finished. Some bugs can be really minor, and get missed. That can happen with major bugs as well. In fact, it has. With many games. Seriously, if you think a buggy game isn't a finished game, nobody will take you seriously...

    Personally, I think both sides in this were unreasonably butthurt.
    In the first place, you really shouldn't be using sarcasm in a review, because it will cause misunderstandings, and will make you seem unnecessarily harsh. While I'm inclined to agree that DRG did overreact a bit, I also believe everyone else did too.