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    When I heard about PMD going 3D, I was excited as hell, seeing my favourite Pokémon in 3D, and going through the usual epic storyline on my lonely 3DS, but then it all came tumbling down:

    - Only about 200 Pokémon, after the other PMDs had every single Pokémon in the generations they were in... Why is this like that? The 3DS is CLEARLY able to hold the data for over 600 Pokémon, so why didn't they include all those in this game? One of my biggest wishes for this game was using Latias and Latios in 3D and seeing their portraits!

    - The mechanics are broken as hell, making the game go down dramatically in difficulty, I mean, team attack? Monster houses: no longer a challenge. Move levels? I'd rather have just linked moves, at least with them you had to be careful not to waste the PPs of a low PP move.

    - The storyline... It's just horrible, the final boss is the most disappointing thing I've ever seen in PMD, a snowflake that's invincible until you get some cheesy as hell cutscenes and then just kill it in one shot? I'm sorry, but I want my Rayquaza or Primal Dialga back.

    - No post-game, just... What? What is this, Black/White as a spin-off? Were they that lazy that they couldn't make an interesting post-game storyline like they did with PMD 1 and 2? Then again, with the cheesy and horrible storyline this game already had, it was to be expected that it'd have a terrible post-game or none at all.

    I'm so disappointed in Pokémon games lately... I mean... I know Pokémon's mainly for kids, but this make me think, are kids nowadays so stupid that they have to lower the damn difficulty in previously epic games!? This is just about PMD3D, but so far, I've been disappointed with 3 Pokémon games OF THIS GENERATION ALONE! Conquest, PokéPark Wii 2, and now this! ...Then again, this and last years are absolutely terrible for games and companies overall...

    To conclude this, no, I didn't play this, why would I? I don't want to spend my money on a game that won't be to my liking, and if I do, let's all remember, shops nowadays don't accept refunds on games just because you didn't like them! Besides, playing a game doesn't give you the absolutely irrefutable opinion about it, knowing the facts about it and watching numerous videos of it is more than enough to know that a game is or not worth your money, and this one definitely isn't.
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