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While the most recent posts are still somewhat hostile, I'm going to allow them because they are actually discussing things (to some extent) rather than ridiculing/all out being sarcastic and rude.

Now, I'm going to weigh in, and then that'll be the end of it, and people can go back to posting problems they may be having with the hack, DarkRisingGirl can go back to fixing bugs, and everyone in general can go back to being civil.

Firstly, Doesn'tKnowHowToPlay: You're in every right to post a review you made- it's 100% fair to bring problems to the hacker's attention, since they present their project to the public. Being completely honest, I probably would have raised the exact same points, as I remember them exactly from when I played this hack. But it's unreasonable for you to present it the way you did. You're a total stranger to most of the people here (at least in this thread), and (without putting a spin on this) waltzing in and making a pretty sarcastic post linking to an ABSOLUTELY sarcastic and negative review, is just plain not cool. I will say this: the points that you raise about the hack are justified, but stating them the way you did is not.

I've swung by that forum a couple times and have seen the discussion about some hacks that have been popular here. As already established, generally the members tend to laugh, ridicule and criticise, relatively ruthlessly. Again, I actually agreed with the points you make about the hack, but if you came to stir something up (and the manner in which you posted could suggest this, to be honest), then you're better off not posting at all, frankly.

DarkRisingGirl: in your later posts, you state that hacking is a hobby, not a profession. You're absolutely right. However, when you post something for the public to see, you're giving people the right to criticise your work, and seeing as the internet is.. the internet, that criticism will not always be constructive. Dealing with it the way you did was just... Ugh. And I read your posts- I'm aware you were just trying to get under the skin of those people (by posting awards again and again) while acknowledging their comments about bugs- yeah, don't do that. That's immature, and to be honest it's just dumb. Just quietly and civilly acknowledge the points they make, and move on with it.

I'm going to quote the user above me:
In the first place, you really shouldn't be using sarcasm in a review, because it will cause misunderstandings, and will make you seem unnecessarily harsh. While I'm inclined to agree that DRG did overreact a bit, I also believe everyone else did too.
So that's it, show's over, thanks for coming. Let's, maybe, listen to what DrFuji said,
(The next person to post anything remotely disrespectful to another member here will be infracted. Fair warning.), and get back to posting (politely and constructively) about the hack. Should posts continue to be hostile, immature, stupid or all of the above, the thread will be closed as well as infractions being handed out. By all means, if there's something I've said that someone disagrees with, then feel free to take it up with me in VMs, but not here.

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