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    Chapter Two: Part Seven
    Reach for Hope

    "W-what??" Faith seemed taken quite aback by Hailey's idea.

    "There it is, I told ya." Blade shook his head. "She's a monster."

    "I... I don't understand..." Amy was growing more and more quiet.

    "That's an awful idea sister!" Faith seemed to be scolding her older sister, in a way. "Even if they are bad people, there are others who will miss them when they're gone! What if I was deemed a terrible person, and they purged /me/!? Would you even care?? ... They're still people, they still have family to go to..." She seemed almost defeated by her sister's rash choice of action. "I'm not going to get in your way... But I'm certainly not going to help you with your violent cause... I'm going to keep following this group, where I know I can help others instead of punish them." She grabbed Emily and backed them both off of the cliff's edge, hovering gently down.

    "I'm sorry we ever had to look for her, Amy... She's nothing but trouble." At that moment Amy's eyes returned to red and blue, and she was given control of her body once more. She remained silent, simply sending one moment's gaze back toward the girl known as Hailey. She knew people were awful, but that... That was an entirely new level.

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