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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    "seventeeth" instead of "seventeenth".

    Same birthday card, a little grammar mistake:
    "I'll be there, too, of course." should be "I'll be there too, of course."
    Same birthday card:
    "but I'll see you later, too!" should be "but I'll see you later anyway!" or "but I'll see you later!"
    That's just being picky. When using "too," you're supposed to have a comma before and a comma afterwards; that's how we were taught anyway. The second part has "too" because in the context, Joseph might be implying that "Hey, I gave you a gift, so don't expect me to come around." This is how he reassures the player that he will also physically see you for your birthday, too.

    The guy by the water should say:
    "...there's a Pokémon move that let's you travel across water."
    That doesn't make sense. "Let's" = Let us. "There's a Pokemon move that let us you travel across water"? "Let's" is for imperative / commands i.e. Let's go!

    Then I entered the lab and spoke to Oak, he rambled on like we all know he likes to do, I chose a Pokémon, spoke to Oak again, then Joseph appears out of nowhere, his starter must be Ninjask cause Joseph is such a ninja too, (maybe make him walk down the stairs instead), After he says I'll go tell mom, I just sat there for a moment waiting for the kid to walk off, but realized he wasn't going to haha... So off I went to start my journey, yay, what could possibly go wrong I thought, since others have played this game... Only for the door to tell me to talk to Oak... When I already have and he says the same text over and over, I thought maybe it was a trick and Oak wants to tell the same thing 10 times, but that wasn't the case here, the door doesn't want me to play :(

    So I figured maybe the kid has something useful to say, maybe he could lend me some of his ninja skills and I could get out somehow... Damn! I thought... He's giving me the silent treatment, I don't think I done anything to annoy him btw, he obviously doesn't like me, is there any way I can make him like me in the first 2 minutes of the game? So I saw a window, now to put my ninja skills to the test... Oh I can't climb out a window, but I can walk along the wall... Why do the posters stop me, but the window doesn't, tile error maybe?

    So I did a little digging, cause I'm crafty like that... Or it was the fact you allowed to me download your whole project and I could open it up... You lock the door with a switch, but you don't unlock it... You also don't turn the aid switch on either... So I done a little more digging and saw a hidden event outside the map (you are sneaky, maybe the rival has your ninja like abilities)... I looked within and noticed, without trying, I actually tricked your game, by missing 2 certain squares... So Joseph didn't walk off and then for some reason the rest of the event never continued, which I gather is because you didn't make Joseph have the "through on" movement.

    So that's all, what turned out to be a couple errors turned into a little running commentary, I had fun considering I only played 2 minutes of your game :)

    Hope this helps for future releases.
    I recently made a variable event where Joseph ought to have walked. For some reason, it's blocking him; however, the event works if you talk to Oak from the right because it walks around the event instead. Since I'm going to work now, I'll have to fix this tonight and reupload. Initially, I had Joseph walk through you, but that didn't look too good so I modified the event to have him walk around; however, Joseph stil needs a "through" for the event tile it would seem. Not a big issue; again, talk to Oak from the right and he'll walk around instead.

    I'll also fix the wall tile under the window. Not sure why it was set like that. Maybe it's a bit on the stairs that's set to "0"

    Talking to Oak and getting through that event should fix walking into oblivion, too, since the "AutoRun" isn't messed up. The Aid should also turn off, too, since it's semi-reliant on that event turning off for its switch to turn off.

    Thanks for finding it. It's always odd to me that invisible, underneath events with no graphics block characters from passing overtop if "Through" isn't on. So bothersome.

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