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∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
Southwest Path

Chapter Two: Part Two

"She may seem small and childish, but she's a fierce battler. She may actually be stronger than Flare was, if you can believe that." Ki spoke calmly, following the others and keeping an eye out for potential hazards.

Kiba nodded. "She never seems to run out of energy, especially in battle. Plus, her high speed and small stature make her a very difficult target to hit." He squinted a bit after Irek spoke of non-evolving Pokemon. "Uh, yeah... I see them. I think there's a path around this way..." He turned to the right slightly, seemingly going around in a circular motion. "So, Irek, can you evolve? Or rather, have you gotten the opportunity? I bet you'd make for an interesting Raichu."

Z watched Irek with mild curiosity, though said nothing as she did so.

Amber continued her circular sprints, seeming to create perfect rings around Kiba's legs even as he moved and turned.

Mello watched the scene unfold with mild horror. She silently hoped to herself that she'd never have to fight that Haunter herself.

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