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    > Go make sure your eel doesn't burn than look through the receptionist desk for any evidence of what happened before during and after the dreaming, where everyone went, and why there's a giant eel in the middle of the lobby , and keep your towel close

    These are weighty questions indeed. You're not entirely sure why you think you might find answers here in Jasmine's Gym, but hey! You've not questioned the voices so far, and they've kept you pretty much on the right path so far. Without them, for instance, you wouldn't have got any information out of the Gengar. Nor would you be wearing this beautiful dress or this giraffe shoe.

    Keeping this in mind, you return to the front desk, stopping at your eel to uncoil it from the jar and curl it round the other way to cook the other side. That done, you have a good rummage around in the desk. You uncover the drawer where they keep the Mineral Badges, and many other drawers full of paperwork. It looks like there's actually rather more admin involved in running a Gym than you'd thought. Every challenger has to be logged, and then there's the staff to consider – their salaries, the health plan, negotiations with the unions...

    Fascinating as all this is, it doesn't tell you what happened at any point around the time of the Dreaming. Nor does it explain where everyone went, although you suspect you already know – the Eldritch Pokémon got them, as they did everyone else.

    Nor does it explain the eel. (Which, by the by, is not gigantic; while the European eel does not commonly exceed 80cm in length, specimens have been recorded at lengths of up to 1.5m. Thus, while certainly large, yours is not a giant in any meaningful sense of the word.) Thus, the desk does not appear to be of much help.

    While you're considering this, you become aware that the eel is starting to burn; Vesta's jar is very hot, and has cooked it swiftly. You remove it from the glass and drop it hurriedly on the desk, atop a makeshift plate made from pages three through seventeen of last quarter's accounts ledger. It is hot, greasy and slightly burned on one side – but it smells absolutely delicious. You devour half of it eagerly, and wrap the other half up in the accounts for later.

    Othodox found one Paper-Wrapped Eel Half! Othodox put the Paper-Wrapped Eel Half in the Fish & Seafood Pocket.

    You dump the eel's head in Vesta's jar, along with a couple of the papers from the desk, and she burns through them eagerly.

    Mm-mm. Breakfast has been served.

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