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Nathan - A test of metal

A crowd cheered as the team magma grunt waved his arms, being very obnoxious. Nath walked onto the battlefield, and Nitro trailing behind. There was not a lot of space, but it was enough to use the field safely to his advantage. The Opposing Grunt smiled, and chose his first pokémon, a mighteyena. Nath sent Nitro into battle, knowing that his Fighting type would give an advantage over a dark type. It was obvious the grunt knew this, as he had blaintanly seen Nitro beforehand. He had a tactic, and Nath understood this, but knew that Nitro would still be the best choice. He called forth, "2 on 2?" He got a reply of "agreed!" followed by an attack order "Mightyena, howl!" Mighteyena's attack rose, making the pokémon more than powerful than before. "Nitro, use flamethrower!" The attack was evaded, leaving both pokémon unarmed.
"Mighteyena, use crunch!" A sluggish crunch was heading towards Nitro, giving him enough time to counteract with mach punch, knocking the Mighteyena's to the left. Mighteyena quickly got backup before using dig. Nath knew it, it was a simple but effective strategy that most pre-schoolers learn, have moves that effect different pokémon. Dig, however, was one of the most easiest moves to avoid. Nath ordered Nitro to stay put, until at the last moment he ordered for him to move out the way and mach punch Mighteyena again. It worked! Mighteyena was knocked back, struggling to stand up. It collapsed, fainting on the floor. The crowd cheered for Nathan, and he felt motivated. He switched out Nitro as well, releasing his Glade into battle. The team magma grunt picked up his next pokeball too, and send out magcargo. This was better to be dealt with Glade than Nitro, as physical attacks wont do very much to it, or burn Nitro.
"Glade, use psychic!" Nathan was almost expecting a slugma to fall out of the shell. "Keep it in the air, then use magical leaf." Magcargo was part rock, and this was perfect as magical leaf was still effective against it. Two attacks and magcargo hadn't even attacked.
"Magcargo, use sludge bomb!" Magcargo's sludge bomb caused Glade to lose sight of Magcargo, and let him drop to ground.
"Lava plume now! Glade was knocked back by a brutal lava plume, causing a burn on it.
"Glade magical leaf." magical leaf's ability to never miss meant that the move hit Magcargo hard, but the pokémon didn't show any signs of damage.
"Magcargo, now finish this with ancient power!" Glade was knocked out by an amazing ancient power, causing her to faint. Nath ran over and picked her up. "You did good Glade." He returned her to her pokéball. "Nitro, go!" Both pokémon were badly hurt, so it was all just a matter of who moved first, meaning either aerial ace, or mach punch would win Nath the match, but surely he would have a counter attack. He has already seen mach punch, he expects me to get close so he can counter... unless, I use flamethrower. It's my best choice. He called his order, and the look of shock on the grunt's face showed that Nath was right. Magcargo was taking hit after hit of flamethrower, and couldn't move at all. It was over, Magcargo fainted, and the Magma grunt handed over the pieces. Nath was so overjoyed, and he couldn't believe how powerful trainers were here, e was in for one hell of a ride.

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