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Tamor Bellfiend and Auden Radke
Xin Kou, Shinguo
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Lastly, she returned to her savior, Auden. A smile graced her face as she set her hands on his face and stared longingly into his eyes. As if he was giving a friendly reminder that he was still present Niolas displayed his broad, dark brown wings. Tamor wasn’t sure if the other Knights had seen her battle but she only hoped that she had not failed them then or if had she this could recover some of her lost credibility as a Knight of Ekilore. She was grateful that Auden came to her aid after her collapse on the battlefield. Though, Tamor wasn't positive if he would be happy with her for not having used her flare at an earlier time.

"And Tella blesses you, Sir Knight," She stated semi meekly.

Bringing up his left hand, Auden caressed her cheek before leaning in closer. "We will talk about this later," he whispered into her ear as he pressed his right hand into her freshly healed wound, which caused her to flinch in pain. Moving his hands around to her back he pulled her into a gently hug. "Well done Tamor, you did fantastic today," He said aloud.

"Later?" She inquired; his tone and actions led her to believe that talking wasn't what they were going to be doing later on. He had never showed any emotions that suggested he was capable of this type of gentleness it worried her deeply. Quite shocked by the embrace Tamor managed to stutter, "T-t-thank you... Are you, are you okay?

"I'm feeling a lot better now thank you, though my mana is still fairly depleted. Can you do anything about that?" He asked, smiling softly at her, all the while thinking of how he was going to punish her stupidity.

"Maybe..." Tamor's voice trailed off hoping not to upset Auden any further. Her divine magic studies had told Tamor a very minimum amount about the restoration of mana but she reckoned that she could attempt one of the lessons she learned from Eislynn. After she sent up blessings to Makara, the Goddess of Magic, Tamor twisted around to face Auden. Due to the height difference she briefly looked up and met brown eyes for a brief second before she returned them to eye level, his chest. Tamor pressed her hands into his chest and on the soft material that made up his robes. With her eyes closed and chanting hymns rhythmically she began the process of transferring and transforming her magic power into a form Auden could use. It was an ancient practice that Tamor herself didn't understand and wasn't sure it was possible but she was willing to attempt anything rather than risk the rage of Auden. "Any better?"

A slight amount of magical power began to trickle into his body as she hymned, slowly beginning to replenish his mana. "Yes, thank you," He replied, though she had barely given him any mana it was still enough for him to work with while he naturally regenerated his mana. Gradually he took her hands off his chest before bringing his attention back to the two armored brothers, who were once again acting as if they were leaders. Though slightly vexed, he ignored their leadership struggle, as they were a group that didn't need a leader. After orders were spoken Percival walked off to struggle in conversation with the villagers. With slight irritation Auden surveyed his robes, which were now in tatters and missing an sleeve. Sighing at the thought of trying to find some place respectable to get them mended he looked over at the female elf that had just joined them. She was rather short, and wore a mottle green and grey cloak that covered her entire body from the shoulders down, only revealing her elven face. She also had a slight magical presence that Auden had already recognised, just enough to perhaps use basic spells.

"... Auden and Tamor of Raelus." Tamor noticed Auden's interest in the elf, which was the opposite of hers. She subconsciously tugged at the ends of her Mage's Hood to make sure it safely secured her most noticeable elven feature, her ears. Elves would have a particular unpleasant attitude toward her racial status; their kind came off snobbish. The less contact she made with the woman the better chance Tamor had of not ever enduring a conversation with her. The Knights of Ekilore found their horses and mounted them; they were off to an "old door" as she overheard Percival describing it. Niolas flew from her shoulder into the sky, she wondered if one day she could fly up there with him. As they rode through the mountains Tamor laid her head softly on Auden's back and tightly wrapped her arms around him once more. In time the knight's dismounted and were lead by the brother duo into the depths of mountains, which caused Niolas to rejoin the group. They reached a staircase, which is when Tamor latched onto the back of Auden's robes to not be separated from him. As they came to the top they were now on a raised platform that held one noticeable feature, a throne. Tamor frightened by the man she saw who remained seated even as the Knights of Ekilore went farther into the room. His eyes seemed to be embedded with magic, in fact his whole essence, but to Tamor it felt like dark, disturbed magic like someone who solely worshipped Dabel and Infernum.

The throne room had an overwhelming amount of magical presence in it, at least three times what Auden had at his best. Impressive. He thought as he looked at the Necromancer's form, which was basically oozing dark magic into the room. The feel of the magic was engrossing for Auden and almost caused him to reach out and try and gather it in. A slight smile came to his face as the Necromancer stared down at the group as he began to address them.

"You must be the group that has sent my creations back to the hells that spawned them. No matter, you will be added to my collection soon enough."

Two figures with familiar faces responded to the Necromancer's wave, Zara and Crystia! This truly was Dabel's realm; Tamor wondered why had they wandered in this far? Was this a test? How were they supposed to kill former members who they had shared a short but meaningful journey with, Tamor felt sick to her stomach. A swarm, no, an entire army of new and freshly made creatures stood behind their fallen comrades. Tella received a series of prayers from Tamor as well as the rest of the Nine. None of the Knights of Ekilore moved except Tamor who moved in closer to Auden and squeezed his arm tighter with her ever-fastening grip. With Tamor now clasping onto his arm Auden began to hide his emotions, the shear joy of having the opportunity to inflict pain on the two elves which had once been a part of their group was almost too much as he removed his staff from his back. The armored warrior left her position beside the Necromancer first, she rushed forward with the other black-haired mage right behind her. Ferocious beasts flanked both of their sides as they came closer and closer to the knights with incredible speed. The first woman formerly known as Zara held onto a longsword with both of her hands tightly gripped around the hilt while Crystia's weapon of choice was less apparent, but if one looked closely they could see the barely visible shimmer of energy from her magic. Tamor quickly released her clutched hands from Auden's arm and stepped back as far as the room would allow her, she wasn't ready to be a Knight of Ekilore. Not if it meant that she had to disrespect the dead, the Necromancer was a cruel man. As if the duo had caught onto Tamor's thoughts they honed in on her and Auden specifically. A blade struck into Crystia's shoulder, it was thrown from one of the newest addition, the elf archer. Crystia moved her hands slightly as soon as she saw Tamor tried to take another step backward and summoned a fireball. With a flick of her wrist she released the blazing magic toward Tamor as Zara rushed forward toward Auden. Her sword was already mid-swing, which made his chances of saving both Tamor and avoiding Zara’s strike nearly impossible.

With a tap of his staff a small tendril of earth shot up and wrapped itself around Zara's planted foot, causing her to trip, in result her cut was much shallower than she had intended. As he turned, the cut opened deeper, causing blood to drip to the ground, it was now too much for his robes fabric to absorb. The fireball he had sensed earlier was now heading towards a frozen Tamor; he dived, which led to him taking the fireball directly in the back. Auden was only able to slightly cushion the impact with wind magic in an attempt to save his slowly dwindling mana reserves. Coughing he pushed himself up, leaving another puddle of blood and to find another fire ball and a now freed Zara coming towards him and Tamor once again. If only I didn't have to conserve my mana.. He thought as he tapped the ground creating another tendril that shot out at Zara's planted foot once again. With a brush of his staff a quick blast of air magic changed the trajectory of the fireball causing it to smash into the side of Zara who had just effortlessly dodged the tendril. To his surprise the undead Zara let out a scream of pain as the fireball burnt through her skin slowly melting it back. With blood now running down his arms he tapped his staff several times, causing more tendrils to shoot out of the ground and wrap around Zara's limbs and torso, slowly gripping her tighter as she wailed in pain. With Zara momentarily taken care of he looked towards Crystia who was conjuring another fireball in her hands. With haste he turned around and grabbed Tamor as she released the fireball at them. Wrapping her up in his arms he dived out of the way of the fireball just in time, causing it to crash into the wall and send flames everywhere.

Everything around Tamor was a blur of color; she wasn't certain what was happening. The other Knights were already involved in battle, Crystia and Zara were attacking Auden, or at least that what she thought was happening. Niolas had pecked at her face before he flew off into the incoming flood of creatures the Necromancer had summoned to defeat them. She was even more surprised when Auden tackled her to cold floor and she soon felt the warmness of a fireball as it flew over them. She brought her hands up to her face only to notice that they were smudged with fresh blood, had she been hit? Instantly she sent a pulsing wave of divine magic with healing properties throughout her body but found no wound, which only meant one thing... Auden! As quickly as one could she rearranged her body position so that she faced him, her hands found their way to his cheeks that were smeared with dirt. Her chants began simultaneously; Tamor released her divine magic through the limbs that held onto Auden. It would flow throughout his body and seal any and all wounds that the undead duo might have inflicted, but it couldn't restore all the mana he was losing. She looked over at their opponents, Crystia, who had another large fireball in hand, and Zara, who happened to be trapped by some sort of earth magic. Tamor knew that the shape Auden was in he wouldn't be able to get up in time; she'd have to risk her safety for her savior. With no plan in mind she lifted herself off the ground as Crystia aimed the fireball at them. Then right as she let go Tamor armored herself with the intensive healing properties she had used in her last battle. The mage tossed the blazing ball right at her former traveling companion, Tamor didn't make any effort to dodge the attack. Perhaps, for once, she could save Auden instead of the other way another. As the fireball made impact Tamor let out a scream and subsequently fell to her knees, the flames had burned through her clothing and seared right into Tamor's skin. Her hands dug deep into the ground as it had left her skin burnt for a moment before the wound became the source of where her magic started to collect.

His wounds began to close as Tamor’s divine magic pulsed through his body, congregating on where most of the pain was, his chest. He could feel the magic that Crystia was creating reach the same density that the fireballs had all had so far and turned to look. As he began to push himself out he coughed up blood, slowing his ascension as Tamor shot out from under his body's protection. You stupid toy. Pawing at the ground he found his staff and quickly drew his sword as he stood, throwing a small blast of air in attempt to divert the fireball that was rapidly approaching an idiotic Tamor. To his frustration his air blast got there just after the fireball hit, only being able to disperse the backend of the spell. "Looks like I'm going to have to pop your head again." Auden said as he began to sprint towards Crystia, his sword dragging along the ground. Seemingly ignoring his statement the undead Crystia shot another fireball at him, not moving from where she was, obviously confident in her abilities. Smirking Auden dug his sword into the ground deeper before dropping down slight, he bent at the knees almost 90 degrees before suddenly bursting forward while bringing his sword off of the ground. Chunks of earth came out with his sword and shot forward taking the shapes of arrowheads cutting through Crystia's fireball and lodging themselves deeply into her arms and upper chest. She let out a haunting wail before being quieted by the butt of Auden sword smashing into her face, causing bits of it to fall away. With a thud her body hit the cold ground, quickly followed by Auden who forced the spikes in deep. Screams of pain escaped Crystia's mouth as she struggled underneath Auden's weight, trying to create smaller fireballs in each hand to be stopped by spikes erupting from the ground into her hands. "You should have stayed dead," He said to her quietly, pressing his sword down on her throat, the dull blade not cutting but crushing. Still struggling hopelessly her legs kicked at the ground and air to no avail as Auden pressed down harder with his sword, her windpipe starting to deform. Without taking his eyes off Crystia he called out, "Tamor, get here now."

Unable to take eyes off of what happened Tamor hesitated to obey but regardless her feet brought her to her destination, "Y-y-yes?"

"Pull that knife out of her shoulder and kill her," Auden said, pushing down on Crystia throat with his sword as her legs continued to flail about.

"No!" The word slipped out before Tamor realized that she had even said it, but that was her answer. She couldn't... she wouldn't... not Crystia, not a fellow elf; this went against everything Tella stood for and that was one thing she couldn't turn her back on. Angering a Goddess was far more threatening than any displays of rage a mortal could show.

"It's either her or us Tamor," He said calmly as he felt Crystia's esophagus collapse under the pressure he was applying. Blood was slowly pooling around her body as he dug a knee into her belly, causing gurgled moans of pains to be released.

"You, you want me to kill an elf in the month of Tella? Do you know what you're asking?" Tamor muttered in disbelief, her planted feet began stepping backwards away from Crystia and Auden. "Y-y-you, you kill her!"

Taking his eyes off Crystia he looked at Tamor, his glare piercing deeply. "Tamor. Kill her," He said coldly, with no emotion on his face. As he stared her down the gurgled moans of Crystia and the high pitched screams of pain from Zara kept him happy.

"Blessed be, blessed are those who follow Tella," Tamor whispered to herself, by killing Crystia wasn't she bringing peace back to the land? She wondered if the fact that Crystia was a pawn being used by the Necromancer made her second death accepted under these circumstances... The questions she asked hadn't gotten any answers from the Gods, more specifically Tella. After she propelled herself forward she laid her hands on the knife that had somehow been lodged in Crystia earlier. With a twist Tamor removed the knife, it felt weird in her hand as if it were a tool of Dabel's, one that Tella would not condone of such use. As she drew back her newly acquired weapon Tamor sent up her final prayers, for this action would surely damn her to Infernum if the Nine were not pleased. The blade became soaked with the blood of Crystia; it ended her pain and her service to the Necromancer. "Thy shall join our Holy Mother in peace and Astrum."

As Tamor's blade cut just above Auden's sword Crystia's body stopped moving and a smile flashed across his face, knowing the pain that Tamor would be in from having to kill a person that she knew, someone that was recently part of their group was too thrilling. Tapping the ground as he sat back a small spike shot into the back of Crystia's head, just to make sure that she was dead. Something was wrong though, the high pitch screams from Zara had stopped, and Auden hadn't had her in a position in which she would die from the constriction. He shot a look at the area he had left her to see his tendrils broken and Zara very quickly gaining ground on him and Tamor, who was standing there shaking. The speed that Zara was approaching them was incredible and didn't give Auden much time to do anything as she struck forwards at Tamor. Lunging into the path Auden pushed Tamor down with a blast of air before using his sword to try and block the strike, doing nothing more then causing it to glance upwards away from his heart and slice diagonally up to his left shoulder from the bottom of his left pectoral muscle. As the blood spurted from his new wound she readied for another swing while he staggered backwards.

Grimacing Auden dragged the tip of his sword through the ground sending out a jagged line of earth out in front of him, causing Zara to jump back, only to land on another spike, which pierced her right foot, and into her leg. Damn it, this is a lot of blood I'm losing. Auden thought as the blood poured from his wound, with Zara looking at him, her undead mind having trouble figuring out what was through her leg. Raising his sword to level he coughed, "Ugh, more blood," he said to himself as he spat the remaining blood out of his mouth before slashing the air sending out a small wave of fire. It was too slow though, as in Zara cut her leg off falling backwards and clumsily dodging most of the blaze, only slightly scorching her side, both her sides now charred. Dropping to his knees he continued to stare down Zara, who was now standing up, though a little shaky, on her left leg only. Mindlessly she started hopping towards him, quite a funny sight it would had been if he wasn't on at the limits of blood loss and mana. At a surprising speed she drew closer to him while he struggled to raise his sword above the ground. With all his strength he slammed his sword into the ground, releasing a large burst of magic as he did so, almost everything he had left, causing larger spikes to erupt out of the ground in Zara's direction. Not being as nimble as she once was she was caught by a larger spike mid jump through her right side into her left arm, knocking away her sword in the process. He coughed up more blood as he looked at Zara's body, which was still moving and struggling to get off the spike and reach her sword. "What the..?" He asked the Nine as his vision started to get blurry.

The knife dropped from Tamor's shaky hand and clinked on the hard ground, the traces of Crystia blood that had splattered still lingered on her hands. Had she disgraced Tella in her very own month? What were the consequences of doing such? Tamor felt hollow inside, numbness overcame her senses but not her emotions. Tears fell down her round cheeks, she wiped them away but only ended up with her wiping the blood of Crystia all over her face. Through her teary eyes Tamor noticed that Zara had freed herself from the prison Auden had kept her in. When she looked up she saw the swordswoman coming toward her, Tamor wasn't sure how much damage she would inflict but perhaps enough to erase her guilt. A gust of wind forcibly thrust her to the ground once more, she was becoming more familiar with the decoration of the floor than any other knight. By the time she glared up Zara's longsword had already made contact with Auden's chest. The wound she dealt was nothing less than what was expected from someone of Zara's caliber, Tamor then felt drips of blood land on her. Relentless as always, Auden used more mana, she knew if he wasn't careful he'd be drained down to the last drop. The earth around them flared to life under Auden's control, Zara had been snagged on a couple of spikes that erupted from the ground. It only got worse from there as Tamor watched from her spot where she had been shoved down. There was no humanity left in Zara, at least that's the story her movements told. Neither Crystia nor Zara had spoken a word, which was another thing Tamor found peculiar, as if they weren't fully revived. This was a cruel fate she wished not on Dabel himself nor on her worst enemy, the Necromancer had gone too far. Tamor heaved herself up from the ground and dusted off her charred and dirty clothes. Before Auden could even think of his next move Tamor stepped in front of him, she prayed that she had what it took to put her former comrades permanently to rest. Zara had lost her longsword, but she still had her backsword strapped to her, Tamor noticed as the warrior took the hilt of it in the only hand she had left.

Once Tamor had convinced herself that it was her obligation to the Nine to send these unnatural beings back to the depths of Infernum she stepped forward to face Zara. The energy she used in the previous battle bordered her scrawny silhouette, the blades started to shape themselves to Tamor's will. These creatures were not meant to exist, the dead needed to stay that way or else nature's balance would be severely upset that meant Tella's crafty work would ultimately be destroyed. With that in mind Tamor charged forward, it seemed the blades, which were extensions of Tamor's arms, had been fashioned into the blades of each of Zara's sword. A black boot laid on top of Zara's head further crushing it into the dirt as Tamor struck down with the force of the Nine. The divine magic spread throughout Zara's corpse, which caused it to pulsate before it exploded into several thousand pieces; a fitting end for a swordsmaster, companion, and fellow Knight of Ekilore. It troubled to know that her job wasn't done; she had one more body to dispose of so that the Necromancer may never use their bodies as weapons again. She glowed intensely as she found herself over the body of Crystia, Tamor summoned the energy back into its original shimmering form. Thrusting her hands out, she placed them on each side of Crystia's head, each of her fingers pointing inward on Crystia's skull. Each of Tamor's fingers grew their own blade almost as if they were to drill into what lay beneath them. Tamor elongated the blades causing them to completely penetrate the head of her fellow mage, through and through. The divine magic trickled through the rest of the body as well until it reached a point where it had nowhere else to go. In the same way Zara's reanimated body had been torn apart Crystia's soon joined it, but in much larger chunks. As she had no way to dodge the blast Tamor was soon covered in the rotten flesh and blood of the now put to rest Crystia. There was no time wasted as Tamor returned to Auden's side, Niolas had reappeared on her shoulder at some point during the stroll back. Tamor wasn't certain of the repercussions of her actions yet and she was afraid to find out, she prayed that Crystia's and Zara's souls had made it safety to Astrum. As she knelt next to Auden and placed her hands on him her offensive divine magic slowly slipped away instead she brought forth her healing magic. It spread via contact from her hand to Auden's receptive body, the man who had told her to kill. Yet here she stayed by his side, perhaps that was her punishment the entire time. A thought crept into her mind, one that she later on reassured herself that Dabel himself must have placed there; murder the darkness that is Auden before it has overwhelmed him. Instead of obeying the thought Tamor simply ran her hands through his shaggy, black hair before she returned her golden, tear filled eyes to the other knights that displayed their talents out on the battlefield.


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