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    Name: (Self-explanatory) Nathan Lee
    Age: (13-18) 14
    Gender: (Male/Female) male
    Appearance: (What your character looks like) light blue and long hair, quite scraggy and messed up. His complexion is young and has a few freckles. He wears a black t-shirt, with a purple fleecy, and bright blue chinos, along with white trainers.
    Personality: (How your character acts) He believes that all life has meaning to it, wether its a bad person, and no-one should suffer. He looks up to Team G(something sorry) as he feels like they could stop suffering, even if it does cost a few lives. Nathan is cool headed and calm in rough situations, he wants to prove to the world that he is more than just 'Nathan'
    History: (Your character’s back story, tell us about how they grew up and where, things they’ve experienced etc.) Nath never had any friends and was often bullied. He grew up with a good family which unfortunately died due to a pack of wild mighteyena's. He has ever since been afraid of them. He was taken to Littleroot town and was adopted by Mr Corosska, a nice man, but Nath was allways hesitant to get to know him. He has had a tough life.

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