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Nathan - Day 1

Dear diary,
Hi my name is Nathan, and I'm a monferno of the Caerulus tribe.
I wasn't really listening to what the Pikachu family were saying to each other, probably because they were whispering, but it sounded odd. They didn't usually talk without me so I went to see what was going on. Turns out they were talking in the other room to a poliwhirl... a police agent! I hoped they were not talking about me, because if they found out... well I'd be in big trouble, but I can't make assumptions can I, but then again I didn't want to make a scene of myself. I kept cool and walked over to them asking what was up, but they turned to me and frowned. They spoke, and said "You... lied to us? You aren't from our tribe? But, we cared for you." The mother was starting to panic. It was amazing to see how she reacted, having knowing me so well. I knew I was no longer welcome here just from the look on her face, and poliwhirl was also one hesitant pokémon, not letting me past without a fight. I didn't fight, I went through the back of the tree trunk, jumping off the edge, forgetting how high I was. I started to panic at first, but then I realised that I'm a monkey pokémon. I reached the ground and am now hiding in bush hiding now. I've got my diary though, so I should be able to document everything as I go along day by day. I hope I return home safely.

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