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    Originally Posted by idankingo View Post
    look, we all know bouffalant is the evolution of taorus right? the creators just dont wanna admit that. same with alomomola and luvdisc. All they need to do is to put a new pokemon between these 2 and there you go! a full evolution chain! also, i kinda wanna see a absol and pachirisu pre-evo or evo respectivley.
    Nope, sorry sir, but you are seriously misguided. Gamefreak has said no Gen 5 is related to any previous Pokemon. So none of those are evolutions to the previous Pokemon. They never will be.

    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Except buffalos and bulls aren't the same species, which is why they'll never have an evolution connection. The only Pokemon that's related to Tauros is Miltank because both share the same base stats and are both cattle.
    Miltank and Tauros aren't related. Unlike Nidoran and Volbeat/Illumise, you cannot breed one and get the other. They are both based on bovines but neither are related to the other (yet)
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