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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
Because the US intervening on the peninsula was half of the reason there's a North and South Korea in the first place. And Korea is in China's backyard, much like the Monroe doctrine and how Americans didn't want Europeans intervening. Furthermore, Korea borders China, and I think China would want a direct say in how things would get done, who will invest in the new regime, what they'll do about potential refugees, and so on. And Korea and Japan wouldn't want America to get too involved. While they're cautious of rising Chinese power, bringing in foreign influence has never lead to peace no matter where you are in the world (French and Spanish intervening in Italy, America in the Middle East).

So China + Korea have the most to gain. An analogy may be how the US freaked out over the Cuban missile crisis. While the US wouldn't go arming united Korea with nukes, mistrust over the going-ons in your backyard will drive the Chinese paranoid. Anyways, the US will probably allow China to decide how the occupation will be carried out. It's implied in the respect of a great power's "sovereignty" in its sphere of influence, and I don't think the US would throw that out the window.
Yes. But, again, I think that all applies to if South Korea is attacked. If they attack the US (which in all honesty, I can't imagine something NK launches not falling into the ocean XD, but still. If they do manage to), then I think the US would be entirely justified in striking back regardless of what China may want.
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