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Well I typed something, and it got timed out so :(

I loved getting to watch an old episode. I thought the Pokémon fortunes were pretty funny (lol Ash being a Bellsprout). Misty being a Gyarados was a great idea, seeing as at that time it was her like least favourite Pokémon. I suppose if they wanted, they could've always used a bug type instead. My favourite part od the episode however was the flaming Moltres part. I think it is probably one of my favourite scenes in the whole show. I like seeing James being more confident, it was nice to see him winning for a change. One thing that annoyed me was Brock getting Butch's name right, cause that like shouldn't happen. At the end, I think James probably ended up being a weak Pokémon like Magikarp or Caterpie, or maybe something funny like Jynx.
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