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    For Rain teams:
    Toxicroak is a good choice to use in Rain because, with the ability Dry Skin, he restores lost HP at the end of every turn. Combine that with Leftovers, and he recovers most damage. My favorite moveset for him is Swords Dance, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, and Sucker Punch. Once you set up one S-Dance, he pretty much OHKO's almost everything. Another viable option in Rain is electric types. You can use Thunder instead of Thunderbolt. For me, the two best electric pokemon in Rain are Rotom-W and Jolteon. Give Jolteon Timid nature and Choice Specs and she's a baws. Rotom-W has Hydro Pump and Thunder. Both benefit from Rain hugely. Also, pretty much in every team you need something that'll protect it, right? Well, in Rain, Ferrothorn is the best. He resists everything a Rain team is vulnerable to, and in Rain, fire type moves do less damage, so Ferrothorn always survives a Fire type attack.
    For Sun teams:
    Cherrim, Rotom-H, Venuaur, and Heatran are good in Sun. Cherrim's ability. Rotom-H just cuz, well, Rotoms are awesome! Venusaur because of his ability. And Heatran (holding an Air Balloon) resists Dragon types. And Dragon types are, like, my biggest problem in Sun. Cresselia also does very nicely in Sun. Pokemon that can learn Synthesis, Morning Sun, or Moonlight, I like to put in Sun. All the Grass type pokemon in Sun should have Solarbeam (in my opinion) and all the Fire type pokemon should have Fire Blast. An if they can, teach the Fire type pokemon Solarbeam also.
    This is just what I do for Rain and Sun. You don't have to agree with me though. And uh, hope I helped!

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