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Update for my Green Monocolor challenge on Crystal!

  • Chose Chikorita as my starter and named him Rex
  • Got to sprout tower and after a couple tough fights I won against the sage!
  • Rex evolved into Bayleef (so cute)
  • Beat Falkner and headed to Azalea
  • Solo'd Team Rocket and Bugsy with Bayleef, but Bugsy was quite the challenge
  • Got through to Goldenrod City and entered the Bug catching contest
  • After a few minutes, a Scyther appeared! I caught him and named him Hamlet II (after Hamlet from my run through red version)
  • Beat Whitney, Sudowoodo, and Morty
  • After obtaining the HM for Surf, I went to Union Cave where I surfed across the bottom floor and arrived in the back of the Ruins of Alph
  • Found a female Natu and named her Jade
  • Grinded; Jade evolved into Xatu and Rex evolved into Meganium
  • Beat Chuck, rescued Amphy and beat Jasmine
  • Pryce was easier to manage than I though so I beat him
  • Afterwards I trained and took on the rockets in the radio tower
  • Next, I headed to Blackthorn City and beat Claire after her shenanigans
  • Arrived at the league, and after about 3 tries, I beat Lance! (the video isn't working ;_; )
  • Now I am currently heading to Kanto...


and the team is:

Rex the Meganium (M) Lvl. 52
- Body Slam
- Poisonpowder
- Razor Leaf
- Reflect

Hamlet II the Syther (M) Lvl. 51
- Swords Dance
- Slash
- Wing Attack
- Fury Cutter

Jade the Xatu (F) Lvl. 50
- Peck
- Confuse Ray
- Night Shade
- Fly

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