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Originally Posted by lx_theo View Post
Or, if you're talking about an event that would normally be invisible, then I believe there's a setting for events called Through that sets whether or not other events can pass through it or not.
Yeah, I know how to fix it; I just didn't realize it was there / causing an issue til someone brought it up lol

I'll fix it now and upload a "Fix" file (copy/paste into Alpha 1.1, about 5mb). That ought to work. Give me a few minutes (for now, you can just talk to Oak from the right and Joseph will move around Oak instead, thus no blocking occurs).

Thanks :3


There he goes! It was one square that was missing "through" lol

And the fix:

Alpha 1.1 Fix [MediaFire]

Just copy/paste into the Pokemon Returns folder.

Thanks for testing, guys. Can't find all the bugs by myself! D: kinda like how you shouldn't proof-read your own paper...

Also, I've looked over Ausable, and I think I'll redo it for Alpha 2.0. It seems a bit empty to me. I like cluttery grassy maps.

So silly how the smallest of things can cause such catastrophes!

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