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The episode was definitely a fun one, and well worth the wait to see James in his costume. One thing I was not expecting, was for James to straight up kick Victreebel in the face! That really made the episode for me. I always love seeing Butch and Cassidy too, cuz even though I like the standard Rocket Trio, it's always nice to have other antagonists. I do think that Team Rocket would succeed more if they were more confident, but I think the fact that the main characters were easily able to beat Butch and Cassidy shows that it's really not incompetence that is holding them back, they just need to focus on other targets.

I think James was a Victreebel at the end, since that seems like a Pokemon that would freak him out, plus I think it matches his personality.

I vote for The Bicker the Better

Cassidy is totally hot too, btw. :D
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