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I always have trouble when I walk into a restroom and see it empty, get positioned where I am ready to pee and hear that dreaded door open again and another person walk in. Stops my bladder right in it's tracks. D8

Then I can't pee until they start to leave. >_>

So yeah, I totally don't like pissing or ****ting in company. It sucks. It's awkward and it's kind of embarrassing. It's worse if you're in a bathroom with only two stalls, regardless of what type of fixture lies within, of the same fixture and someone comes in and uses the stall RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. *shudder*

The more fixtures, the better. Personally I think bathrooms should always have odd numbers of fixtures in them so that there's almost always room to "skip one" so you don't have to hear the person next to you using the bathroom. X3
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