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This new Mewthree/ Mewtwo forme thing sure is interesting. I have mixed thoughts on it. If it's not a new form then I think I'll like it. At the moment being treated like a completely new Pokemon so if it really is then I'll be ok with that. If it's a new form of Mewtwo then that's kind of disappointing. I don't think Mewtwo really needs a new form , especially if the said form doesn't change Mewtwo's stats or anything. I just hate how Gamefreak now thinks every legendary Pokemon needs forms for no reason.If it is a new form and it's not any better than Mewtwo then I'll be disappointed. It will be just like Keldeo's new form or the Kami trios's new form. I also realized that complaining about the new Mewtwo form/Mewthree thing puts me in the same group as the people who complain about every new Pokemon that's released. Still have mixed feelings on it but still people that do that bother me. I just don't know what to say anymore.Maybe it will grow on me. It's sort of cool, but still sort of odd. The official artwork does make it look better than that scan of the poster, I'll give it that.

Hopefully the new movie explains thing a bit more. Like maybe Mewtwo is cloned (by Team Plasma??) like Mew was and the clone is this thing? Anything seems possible to me.
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