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Originally Posted by GFA View Post
Hmm. You've got some decent work here. Esklerios' newest sprite is pretty sexy, I must admit. It's sort of a shame his overall design changed, I personally liked the old one better. Your Volkner sprite looks fine, but you really didn't do all too much to it, so ... Yeah. Ray's a little iffy though, his sprite's hair look a little malshapen. like it's been smashed down from bedhead on one side.

All in all these are pretty well done.
Thanks for commenting! I'm not 100% sure if that Esklerios would be the final sprite, but the other design was just too hard for me to pull it off, especially on that pose. I fixed the map, and Ray's hair, the older one was made by looking at Volkner's and the outcome was a little weird indeed.

Update! - Here some new sprites:

Pirate Persian (Water Re-type)

Rainbow Stantler (Psychic Re-type)

And a little project for Mystical Grief: The Egg Project! (A custom egg for every individual pokémon -evo's obviously doesn't count)


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