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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
A lot of our tech - Smartphones, computer components, other stuff - is constructed in China btw. If China does cut trade, some aspects of our economy will remain untouched, some will take a small hit, and some will be kicked right in the balls.
I call first world problems here. Everybody's economy would get kicked in the balls, but the US economy will be the first of the few to get back up on its feet. Sure yeah, a lot of tech production is globalized, but the US has the industrial capacity and the knowhow to do the whole supply chain domestically, even if it is more expensive. That to me is incredibly impressive - even if our Western, First-World luxuries become unprofitable to the capitalists XD.

Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
If it wasn't for Cold War with the Soviet Union then Korea would have already unified. The split between North and South was like Germany. It wasn't supposed to last as long as it did, and in Korea's case, has. From another angle, China also prevented unification when they got involved in the Korean War. Frankly, as long as the distrust between the US and Chinese government lasts I highly doubt that unification will occur.
Reunification could occur on Korea's terms though, and I think that would be much more favourable than if it occured in the 50's. Because otherwise, Korea would still be reliant on the United States, and there would only be a fear of the next conflict with Red China and the Soviet Union. Now that Korea is asserting itself as a dynamic new power, and as is Japan, and as is China. If Korea reunites, it will be able to quickly catch up at least to where Japan is in let's say 25 years or so - and it will be the wealthiest of the three per capita because there are less Koreans than Japanese. These three countries need each other, but to a certain extent compete with each other. Plus geographic barriers as well as cultural ones should do a lot to prevent conflict in the region.

They have about 180,000 according to wikipedia
First of all, that's 90% of the value I cited so I don't think I deserved to get called out on inaccuracy, especially because that's value you get if you round up Also I read an article that said the SOF had increased its ranks by another 20,000 from 180,000, since whenever the source from wiki was written.
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