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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Still pretty large, they also have Bio weapons, submarines, nukes, missiles, mortars, automatic weapons, rockets, grenades, 1.5 million strong active and trained military... I could go on but whats the point, everyone thinks they dont have a chance cause they have dated weapons/arsenal. I respectfully disagree look at what ordinary people(taliban) with barbaric training continue to do to our military with nails, homemade explosives, AK's and Rockets..
I ran into a friend at the store earlier and said pretty much the same thing. Technologically the US is superior - We can take out their central command structure, turn their air force into scrap metal, and sink whatever navy they have with no effort. But should it turn into a ground war then, as Iraq and Trashcanistan (Afghanistan) showed us, our technological superiority wouldn't mean **** and we would be in for another long ground war.

I've actually put some thought into how the Korea's could work toward unification. My idea is expansion of the DMZ in certian sections, guarded soliders from a agreed upon 3rd party. The expanded zones would be the sites of economic/cultural exchange centers, freely open to both sides.
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