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“The vaccine is introduced into the child, the child then grows and tries to find its own personality, and if this is inhibited by mercury or other substances present in the vaccine which enter the brain, the child becomes gay,” Vanoli said.
...this guy is actually called a scientist?
A. No.

B. Last year 5 days to the date, the FDA admitted in court that vaccines still contain mercury. As much as that sounds to weaken my argument, you have to realize and appreciate that these vaccines are FDA approved. In other words, the amount of mercury in a vaccine shot is negligible. The only reason it's even present is to act as a stabilizing agent to decrease the chance that germs and microbes that already exist in our blood, could aid in the spread of the synthetic version of the disease in the vaccine. What I'm saying here is that the amount of mercury that is in the shot is too little to possibly cause any sort of mutation.

C. More to point B is the fact that vaccines are measured to the smallest unit for every component. That's why vaccines, unlike other shots, are not drawn out of a vile and then introduced into the blood stream. Instead, they come in enclosed and sealed packages approved by the FDA and deemed safe. That's also why when a doctor administers the vaccine, unlike other shots, he/she does not squirt anything out of it to make sure any air has been emptied out. This is because all the pressure control and vacuum standards in the shot have already been measured by the producer, and also because any more/less of the vaccine, even the slightest bit, could either render it useless or increase the chance of actual bodily harm.
Also, the human circulatory system is so fast and efficient that the mercury in the shot wouldn't have time to dissolve before reaching the brain. After the shot is given, 2/3 heartbeats away and the entire content of the shot has reached every cell in the body.
What I'm trying to say is that vaccines are so carefully made that if they caused homosexuality, 50% if not all of the people who have taken vaccines would be homosexuals.

This isn't really speculation and I'm not trying to sound like a smart-ass. All of this is just Bio 1, 2, and 3 from high school + my own vast interest in biology and chemistry.
In the same interview Vanoli admitted he drinks his own urine daily, “a glass every day,” because he believes it is “great therapy” to reverse the effects of vaccination.
Originally Posted by wakachamo View Post
So... why are we still listening to this guy?
I like to think it's so that we can make fun of him!
Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Its far fetched but doesn't mean it is "crazy" Come on how can two guys together be natural? putting it in the poop shoot is natural? or let alone two women scissoring? vaccines are they natural? No they are man made.. Really thats how it was meant to be? .. Man and woman are a fit because they can reproduce keep the population growing. I am not denying that the same sex cant love each other, father n son, brother n brother, but its not homosexuality that is a disease, its sex... Sex is a problem, it can be an addiction, cause people to do some crazy things, rape for instance(not saying all rapist are sex addicts), sex is out of control in todays world, it went from private between two people to world news headlines..

All I'm saying if humanity was on the brink of extinction you wouldn't want the last few guys alive to be gay, and vice versa. Even if they could get it to work it wouldn't be very successful. It aint natural, and It could be very much possible that vaccines could be the cause..

not saying it is, just saying anything is possible.
As much as I admire your open minded post here, I just wanted to point out that the terms impossible and possible are extremely relative and subjective. What is impossible now might be possible in a hundred years and vice versa regarding what is thought possible, but proved impossible in light of new discoveries.
So yes, this might all be possible, but it's very improbable. (Reason above)
Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
I dont believe this and I have a few gay friends that would say the same..
I just hope you aren't one of those people who think that what science tells us is a lie. Regardless, over a dozen experiments and tests have been done that do in fact show that there is a recessive gene present in 90% of homosexuals and only present under dominance in heterosexuals. So no, scientifically speaking, homosexuality is genetic but is also recessive. Which is why a homosexual father can have a straight son and vice versa.
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