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    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    I ran into a friend at the store earlier and said pretty much the same thing. Technologically the US is superior - We can take out their central command structure, turn their air force into scrap metal, and sink whatever navy they have with no effort. But should it turn into a ground war then, as Iraq and Trashcanistan (Afghanistan) showed us, our technological superiority wouldn't mean **** and we would be in for another long ground war.

    Yes perhaps we could, I'm not arguing that. However it wont be as easy as people make it to be and TBH can we afford to deploy our navy/army to deal with theirs, both financially and mentally. We lost alot to Iraq and Afghanistan. Can we really go through another ordeal like that. Not to mention its gonna put us farther into debt so much as other countries may not help us support an assault.

    War would not be in our best interest.'s_Air_Force#Personnel_and_training's_Army_Ground_Force#Tanks

    A tank is still a tank no matter how old, it can still kill...

    This is reminding me of the newest Red Dawn movie
    Thats the KPA who did that.. They used a EMP... I'm not saying this will happen at all I just thought of the movie lol
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