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    Coming from the shadows, appeared an average-sized Nosepass, obviously angry and frightened from being thrown out of its home. It must have claimed this new area as its territory and was defending it against any and all trespassers. It raised its arms up, controlling the large stones around it, throwing several at them from all directions. Rick wasn't one to let Eris fight on his behalf, even though this would be the perfect opportunity to observe her abilities in combat. Pulling out McGuffin's Pokeball, the small Mushroom flew out of the capture ball, using absorb on the in-coming rock.

    The rock turned out to be a collapsed Geodude, low-leveled, but in high numbers, being followed by its friends. The Nosepass seemed to be hiding the Geodude among numerous equally sized rocks it was throwing at them. "ERIS! Be careful. Some of these rocks are actually flying Geodudes. Good news is that they should all be low leveled, hunting in packs to support their own weak bodies. I'll go after the big guy while you watch my back, OK?" Hoping she understood what he needed, Rick began to run towards the Nosepass, Shroomish held in his arm like a football. This plan was stupid, but he wasn't sure if Absorb would work on normal rocks or not, and the range isn't high enough to reach the Nosepass.

    Shroomish was able to use Absorb on any of the in-coming Geodudes, taking them out while keeping his energies ready. The Geodudes were both rock and ground, plus their low levels made them easy prey to Shroomish's attack. But he wasn't the only one being attacked, since Eris was in range of Nosepass's attack as well. The Nosepass also had too many rocks flying around it for anyone to aim at it properly, but there was still plenty of room for someone to slip through on their own.
    Geodudes - approximately ~5, but there are a lot
    Nosepass - approximately ~11

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