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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Again this is all just assumptions, you dont know this for sure and wont if/when we go to war with them. Yea it seems we would win but crazier things have happened in the world. Think back to Hannibal and Rome. He didnt really beat rome but he caused them great damage and loss of life. If rome didnt resort to cheap tatics by cutting off the carthaginians food supply hannibal might have crushed rome...

I'm just saying its possible we could lose, china could support NK and russia as well.. I wish people would stop being so arrogant, hell this country was founded by us defeating the British which no one thought we ever could..
It's not completely assumption. Chemical armour strength can be measured as an equivalent of mm steel. Modern tanks are armed with grills to help defeat shaped charge by dissapating their concentrated force before it hits the chassis. They are also armed with active protection systems that can detect incoming missiles and destroy them. Plus you have thermal sites, rangefinders, computers, and all sorts of gadgets that make the comparison between North Korean and US armour like feature phones vs. smartphones. We know the amazing amount of tech Western armies are equipped with, and we know what they can do from experience in Iraq/Afghanistan. We also know how Saddam's tanks were no match for the M1 Abrams and air power. The terrain in North Korea is really hilly and difficult to navigate, so American air superiority be ever crucial in dominating a land army operating on rough ground. They're not just assumptions, they're educated estimates based on things we know. And Russia has other things to worry about, they're not even communist anymore. China wouldn't want a war with the US - and that seems to me to be a bottom line. Actually the real bottom line is to not compromise Chinese security, so if the US gets really suspicious with its invasion, maybe China will intervene. But if the US knows what's good for itself and the rest of the world - and it undoubtedly does - they would not do something so rash as to provoke the Chinese to attack.
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