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Black 2


I leveled up my Stayu and evolved it using a Water Stone.


I made a lot of progress today!

I hung out with my friend and we did some trading. I bred him a Shuckle, Skitty, and Tropius. In return, he traded me a Solosis, Rufflet, and an Oshawott.

Next, I decided to evolve my Mantyke, but I didn't have a Remoraid (I had already evolved mine into an Octillery) so I went to Route 21 and surfed until I found one. Once I had captured it and put it in my party, I trained Mantyke and it evolved into a Mantine.

From there, I decided that my party pokemon (all lvl 76) could use some of their own training, so I went to the Game Freak building and challenged the trainers there.

After this, I checked my pokedex and realized that I didn't have a Deino. Since you can't catch one in the wild, I went to N's Castle Entrance and caught a Zweilous that I will later breed.

Unova Dex

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