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Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
I'm back! I'm sorry I forgot to announce my absence, I've been in New Jersey the past week cx

Roen, I definitely recommend that you give A New Beginning for the 3DS a shot when you get the chance, it's really different from Another Wonderful Life and any of the GameBoy games; it's so unique and fun, you can customize your entire character, farm, village, etc! I added you to the member list as well!

Isamu, I've heard of those weird dreams! I think I got one or two but I never got that one, that sounds a little creepy o_o

So, the Gourmet is just all of the Harvest Sprites combined together? XD

Also, we now have 15 members, that makes me so happy ;o;

welcome roen52!!! your 15th member.....

Yeah all the harvest sprites combine and form gourmet it really creeps me out
but its a rare event so im happy (to AzaleaLightning)