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I really wish they had ended season3 on the "correct note." It's good of the show to depart from the comic, but ending everything as close to happy/hopeful as they've ever been in the show was a mistake in my opinion. I was really hoping the whole prison arc would be resolved by the end of season 3, as the season has been a tug of war for the most part. It just needs to move on I think! (Perhaps I'm biased since I really like the arc after the prison, and also want to see Abraham!) I'm really interested to see what will happen to Judith. AND what the story will be like with Andrea now out of the picture completely, (omg finally she's gone!) plus all the new people. Should be very interesting for sure. Also, I'm ready for the governor to get a lot darker, it's something that should definitely happen if he's gonna be sticking around!

Hm, since Tyreese is supposed to be joining the main cast for season 4, will he be replacing Morgan in the comic? Would be interesting if he did!