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Don't get me wrong, I dislike all religion equally. Anything that teaches that the world was created quickly and by magical creatures/deities that is taken seriously halts progress. But I happen to like the voucher system. It's like an order to abandon ship, this ship being a shoddy school that doesn't get the job done. If i'd had this opportunity growing up, I probably wouldn't have dropped out and gotten my G.E.D. That being said, I wouldn't have adhered to the religious aspects of a private school, and not all private schools are religion-based. Take George Carlin for example, He was raised Irish-Catholic, but it never stuck with him. Indoctrination is dependent on the receiver, if you're weak-minded, or you're missing vital parts of your life, you can be lead to believe that the earth was created in seven days, and you'll be sent to a place of immortal torture for eating the wrong meat on the wrong day.
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