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    Name: Ace Steel

    Nickname: steel

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    Appearence: height- 5,4. Eye color- dark green. Skin color- pale. Hair style/color- eye length, blond. Clothes- black hoody with silver poke'ball emblem on the back, black fingerless gloves, red and black shoes, old jeans with a ripp in the right knee, and a silver ring with a red gem in it. Other features- large scar running the length of his back.

    Personality: brave, stubborn, and headstrong, he gets into fights a lot to protect those who can't fight for themselves, will do anything to help a friend, and he hates bullies above all else.

    History: ace was born with anhidrosis, a didease that disables the bodies pain receptors, having this disease made him a bit of an enigma, making it hard for him to make friends, but it did however make him useful in a fight. He grew up in veridian city with his mother, his mother was poor so they lived in an abandoned warehouse in the slums, on his twelth birthday his mother scraped enough money to get him one poke'ball to start his journey as a pokemon trainer, but before he left he promised to become rich and famous, so that she didn't haveto struggle to live anymore, as he was leaving his mother gave him the family tresure, an expensive silver ring, with a red gem in it, she told him it would bring him luck, a few weeks later, durng a stormy day, he was struggling to find shelter, and happened to find a scyther attacking a newborn aron, he managed to save it but was scarred from the scythers attack as a result, after a desperate trip to a pokemon center they were both saved, as a result of his kindness the aron decided to travel with him, from this experience, ace made a new goal, to be the first trainer to beat one of every single pokemon, and get famous by doing so. Four years later, ace is traveling looking for a new challenge to set his sights on, after defeating the many strange people who want him dead becouse they claim he is a pure heart and must be killed, after much struggle he finally had enough of the constant battle, and decided to find sanctuary at the only safe place left for his kind, the pure-hearts faction, he wanted this war to end now, and the only way he saw to do that, is finish it himself.

    Class: poor

    Pokemon: aggon-male.

    Nicknames: Aggron-rebel.

    Personality: aggron-brave,stubborn, and headstrong, and like ace he won't give up until he's dead.

    Moves: aggron-iron tail, metal claw, skullbash, hyperbeam.

    Other info: aggron is named rebel, because of his will to survive througth all odds.
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