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The Gray Warriors, final part.

♦ Continued towards Mistralton City after the PWT.
♦ Battled Skyla and won easily thanks to Charoite's Ice Fang and Krypton's Rock Slide.
♦ Flew to Lentimas Town after tracking down Professor Juniper in the Celestial Tower.
♦ Explored the Reversal Mountain with Bianca, and then reached Undella Town, where I defeated my rival.
♦ Explored the routes south and north of Undella, and after some travelling, I crashed in Opelucid City.
♦ Challenged the gym, and again, won thanks to Charoite's Ice Fang.
♦ Battled a bunch of Plasma members after they had frozen the city.
♦ Got word from Cheren that I could travel to Humilau City, which is what I did. The gym leader, Marlon, was not a hinderance at all.
♦ Went up to route 22 and got the Colress Machine from Colress. I backtracked until I got to the Seaside Cavern, and used it on a Crustle that was blocking my way there.
♦ Infiltrated Plasma's Frigate and took on Colress and the Shadow Triad.
♦ After the ship moved to the Giant Chasm, I hunted it down and defeated Ghetsis, along with White Kyurem.
♦ Continued to Victory Road and eventually made it to the Pokémon League.
♦ Marshal was easy thanks to Jadeite and Charoite.
♦ Zoroark and Krypton were the downfall of Caitlin.
♦ Shauntal took a team effort, but wasn't hard.
♦ Grimsley got swept by Krypton.
♦ Iris also took a team effort, and was a bit tougher than the rest of the Elite Four.

My next color will be Brown. I'm gonna go with LeafGreen, Silver, Ruby, Diamond and Black 2.



Zoroark, Lv 61 (♂)
Item: Scope Lens
Night Slash, Toxic, Shadow Claw, Taunt

Krypton the Excadrill, Lv 64 (♂)
Item: Hard Stone
Swords Dance, Earthquake, X-Scissor, Rock Slide

Jadeite the Unfezant, Lv 63 (♀)
Item: BrightPowder
Air Slash, Fly, Facade, Quick Attack

Charoite the Stoutland, Lv 62 (♀)
Item: Magnet
Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Return, Crunch
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