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Just thought i'd jot down a few ideas here and there :3

Basically, I want to create a pkmn game that lasts long. Extremely long. And has an extensive Online Play to prevent users getting bored- like a battle arena with rankings and such. But to piece this together, of course i'll need a great dedicated team.

I have a few strengths and weaknesses, which i'll quickly type down for yous to read before I get into the actual story.

I'm great at mapping and story line creation. Creativity has always been my thing.
Originality- I always look to be original in anything I do.
Text- I can type out great speeches that will keep the player reading with interest, rather than boring old information that isn't necessary.

Scripting(keep in mind i'm talking about advanced scripting, I can write basic lines of code and basic scripting is usually easy anyway)
Motivation- If things die out, my motivation goes very low which s not ideal for creating something this big. But again this completely goes down to how good my team can co-operate and work with me on this production.


Story Line


Your name is Rai.
Your dream is not to catch'em'all or be the best, but to reach Platoon 1. Platoons are teams of 8 elite Pokemon trainers. In the entire region featured in this game, there are around 20 platoons. Platoon 1 ranking the highest, and Platoon 20 ranking the lowest. To keep competition fair, there are 4 divisions in the league. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Bronze (Platoon 15-20) Amateurs(New Trainers)
Silver (Platoon 10-14) Intermediates(Experienced Trainers with Strong Pokemon)
Gold (Platoon 6-9) Elites(Strongly Experienced Trainers with Very High Leveled Pokemon)
Platinum (Platoon 1-5) Masters(Best Pokemon Trainers Among Humans)

Ranking Up?

To go up the ranks, you participate in what are called inter-platoon matches. These are held once every 2 days, and require you to have a partner to battle with.

Say if you are the two strongest trainers in Platoon 14(Silver) you will verse the 2 weakest trainers in Platoon 13(Silver). To keep coding and scripting simple, you will always start at Platoon 20(Bronze)

Each division has their own towns, meaning there are 4 towns. This is a very small amount, however
the towns will be really, really big, including a shopping mall for each and Trainer Academy which is where the platoons train.

With this said, your town is technically developed as well as your division is, so Bronze will have the poorest town, where as Platinum will have the richest town.

(Keep in mind i'm not being 100% original. I have been influencing ideas from Anime and League of Legends into this)

So anyways, Rai. Before you enter Bronze Division, you are required to undergo a short pre-story.


You are given a starter pokemon as usual, and you must go into ordinary towns and quests to level your pokemon up. By the time the story progresses into the Trainer Academy stage, you are required to have a team of 5 pokemon, each ranging from level 15-30(Standard level range for Bronze)

( Since this is just a basic idea, I do not know how leveling will work. as you will be required a minimum level each time you rank up to keep up competition )

[Extended Story]
If you stay dedicated enough to the game, and end up completing Platinum Division, you can face the 7 Gods. These are trainers which will all have level 100 pokemon, however after beating the 6th trainer, you will face Kiba. This dude will have at least 2 tamed legends, so be prepared for the worst.

[Catching Legendaries]
Since this is basic, I haven't thought up how you will progress into catching legendary pokemon, however i'm thinking along the lines of being able to catch them during S ranked Quests.

Quests and Jobs are another thing I'm working on.

WELL THAT'S IT FOR BASICS. If you want to discuss more or you are interested in my idea, feel free to PM me or skype me(fizzyboy27)

I'm looking to have a team of at least 4 people to help me with this.
My first priority is to have an excelling script writer. Scripting will be very very important for this gamehack.

Many Thanks - Rayz