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    Nathan - Final Preparations

    Nath was lead to a place named the vendors area, where many stalls were selling useful equipment. Nath couldn't believe what he was seeing, so many different kinds of flowers and food products. His eyes were caught on some strange flowers. The shop clerk told Nath that these were special flowers used to keep away wild pokémon, which would be excellent for surviving. Nath bought a bag of them and put them in his somewhat small and cramped bag. He also bought a new bag, finally, so Nath could carry slightly more than before, meaning that food wouldn't be squished. Nathans eyes also were caught on some chocolate biscuits, which would be a nice treat for later on. Nath's final stop was the food store, where he bought sandwiches, and pokémon food. His bag was really heavy now. Now that Nath was prepared he felt confident that he could camp out in the wilderness. It was 12pm so Nath could probably get to the forest before night.

    Nath arrived at the gate leaving the main town. It was big and very daunting, almost as if it was mocking him. Nath took his first steps into the wilderness.

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