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    Any hints out there?
    Tepig? (volcano?)
    Mudkip? (marshy island?) lol, I can never remember these names xD

    Also are there any time exclusive [event] pokemon? Like some only appear morning/day/night? And day exclusive pokemon? (Mon. - Fri., Sat. - Sun., etc.) Maybe that's the main reason I can't find some of these guys.

    Elekid event still not working for me ._." Gone three nights in a row with this rain and nothing. The only event that has worked up there was the Gligar one and that was just out of coincidence.

    By the way I finally found Ralts. Hint- It's not so much about being kind, so much as it is being generous. (I lost count of how many times I was being "generous" since episode 4)
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