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Black 2 Unova Adventure Part III

Last Time: "Black 2 Unova Adventure Part II" (Post #18 on this thread on Pg.1)

Just as Tim headed the dock he encountered the town's Gym Leader and his rival Ben confronted by the pirates he met earlier. Confirming they were assembled from the remnants of the former Team Plasma they engaged both Roxy and Ben to which Tim intervened. Battling one a-piece, Tim's Sewaddle dispatched of his enemies Purloin with one Bug-Bite.

The Plasma grunts ran away, attempting to escape. Roxy asked us to fall out to Route 20 but not before giving Tim HM01 or Cut. Tim and Ben trekked to Route 20 and searched for a Team Plasma grunt. Tim found one first and battled her into submission, again the Grunt ran away.

Back at the town. Tim found Roxy talking to her father who asked him to ferry Ben and Tim to Castelia. To which he agreed.

Tim boarded the ship and after only moments he was awestruck by the Castelia skyline, the buildings towered above the world and frankly it scared him.

When they docked Ben traded phone numbers and departed. Not even five seconds of stepping of the pier Tim was beckoned by a jester. He asked that he partake in an event and gave Tim a bicycle. He gave Tim three locations of 3 other jesters. Tim first stopped at the Battle Company and beat all the trainers, including the companies CEO and found the jester.

Tim then went to the Analytic HQ and answered 8 surveys and talked to the jester.

One more to go. Tim went to the next location (I can't remember) and spoke to him. After exploring Castelia extensively and then returned the first jester and told him that he had found all his friends. Elated he handed Tim a Rare Candy which he promptly fed to his Pidove.

In this huge city, Tim would have no idea where to go from here.